Bi-Folding Doors Installation

Bi-Folding doors are single doors with multiple panes fitted on runners, when opened they slide and fold coherently to create a seamless operation.

Aluminium is the perfect material to give a contemporary, modern edge to your home’s appearance. All the aluminium frames that we install here are lightweight and very secure, and their narrow profile maximises the sunshine flooding into your rooms.

4 Pane bi-folding doors installation.

Our bi-folding products have been specifically designed to comply with the changes to Building Regulations which apply to thermal performance. They comply to Part L of the Building Regulations using only hard coat, low emissivity glass with standard edge spacers to the double-glazed units.

5 Pane Bi-folding doors installation.

Not only does installing bi-fold doors make your home look stylish and inviting, our products are 25% more efficient than traditional aluminium systems. The result? Your home loses less heat, and reduces your heating bills.